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Gaston WalbaumIn 1919,Gaston Walbaum is demobilised and returns to no. 17, rue de la Banque to reactivate the company by quickly forming Maison G.F. Walbaum Réassurances and opens provisional offices firstly in rue Lafitte and then in rue Le Pelletier. Finally, the court found no ground for prosecution and the offices return to rue de la Banque - including a cured Edmond Godard.

Godard and Walbaum reconsider the situation and decide to continue business under the name of Maison G.F. Walbaum, previously Maison Godard founded in 1896.

Gaston Frédéric Walbaum becomes general manager and Edmond Godard remains a consultant until his death in 1933.

In 1931, Roland Barde, a nephew of Gaston Walbaum, starts in the company as a trainee and becomes its authorised representative' in 1938.

During World War II, Maison G.F. Walbaum goes through a difficult time: France is isolated and only contacts with some neutral countries and … Germany are authorised.

At the end of the war…

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