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At the end of the war, thanks to his dynamic personality, Gaston Walbaum is able to re-establish relationships with Argentina and England immediately. The government of Argentina creates the INSTITUTO MIXTO DE REASEGUROS, subsequently known as INDER, a monopolistic organisation and five brokers are appointed officially for the placing of treaties out of Argentina: four British and Maison G.F. Walbaum.

Four years later, Gaston Walbaum and Roland Barde created a reinsurance broking firm in Buenos Aires, Walbaum Argentina, which was changed later to Walbaum Americana.

In 1949, Maison G.F. Walbaum becomes a limited company managed by Gaston Frédéric Walbaum and Roland Barde. From this time on, the company experiences a new period of growth.

It was important to find new areas of business as traditional reinsurance was changing. In the early sixties, Roland Barde starts to prospect the US market, where he develops a Life portfolio.

In 1971, Gaston Walbaum…

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