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Roland BardeIn 1971, Gaston Walbaum, who is far in his eighties, hands over his functions to Roland Barde. However, Gaston Walbaum, who had kept his company going over the years in the face of all sorts of trials and tribulations, continues to come to the office every day until several weeks before his death, at the age of 90, in 1976.

At the beginning of the 1980s, Roland Barde, who is 70 years old, starts to look for a partner and a team who would enable Maison G.F. Walbaum to continue its activity without depriving the company of its identity.

Roland Barde ascertains that his views converge with those of François Benoit.

In 1982, together with two other partners, Diot SA (one of the major French direct insurance broking firms) and Morgan, Read & Coleman (Brokers at Lloyd’s), François Benoît acquires the shares of Maison G.F. Walbaum from Roland Barde and becomes chairman of the company.

In 1983, thanks to the relationship between Frank Sickler and Roland Barde…

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