Groupe Walbaum-IAR

Notre histoire de 1983 à 2003

François BenoîtIn 1983, thanks to the relationship between Frank Sickler and Roland Barde, François Benoit has the idea of creating the P.R.A.M. (Programme of Reinsurance for American Mutuals), the development of the U.S. property portfolio justifying its creation.

In 1987, with the success of the P.R.A.M., the shareholders of Maison G.F. Walbaum decides to create Walbaum International, a separate company especially dedicated to handling U.S. property business, also member of the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC). Our company continues to be a member and attends the annual convention.

In 1989, the English shareholders are taken over and sell their shares to Roger Morgan (who was on the board of directors at the time) and Anthony Nollet who joins the board of directors in 1990.

In 1998, Maison G.F. Walbaum acquire a majority of the shares of another reinsurance broking firm, based in Paris, Intermédiaires Associés en Réassurance (I.A.R.), specialised in business from Spanish speaking countries.

In 1999, what has now become the Walbaum Group, is brought together in new office space on the second floor of no. 17, rue de la Banque.

In 2002, the three companies merge together and are named Groupe Walbaum – IAR.

As the three principal officers of the company…

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