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Program of Reinsurance for American Mutuals (PRAM)

Pram 25 yearsWe created P.R.A.M. in 1983 in response to requests from the U.S. for capacity in the Continental
European market for placing non-proportional Property treaties covering small and medium-size U.S. regional mutual and insurance companies. 35 years later, this facility continues to prosper.
We are responsible for the business production, as well as all aspects of the administration of the
business (contract wordings, accounting and daims) whilst the underwriting is carried out by Sirius
International , Stockholm, who has been the leading Member of our programme since 2004 and
assumes a fronting role on behalf of the others. Today the capacity of P.R.A.M. is made up of a stable panel of 9 Members of various sizes and origins.

The benefits of P.R.A.M. can be summarized as follows:

  • For Producers (reinsurance intermediaries working with P.R.A.M.):
    1. Access to an attractive level of capacity of excellent quality ;
    2. Producers receive full remuneration ;
    3. The assurance that daims will be handled efficiently.
  • Members of P.R.A.M:
    1. Access with no development costs to a large number of U.S. treaties of a regional nature with a proven track record, some of which may not be placed on the open market ;
    2. Efficient accounting, administrative and analytical systems providing accurate, real-time information about results and exposures, both for individual contracts and the portfolio as a whole.

P.R.A.M. is recognized on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean as a serious, long-term, reliable market in the field of U.S. regional business representing a portfolio of some 160 contracts covering approximately 50 ceding companies emanating from 14 regional offices of reinsurance

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